University of Minnesota students riot after hockey loss, completely abuse reporter

Minnesota fans got a bit rowdy on Thursday night when their men’s hockey team won their semifinal match so the university president Eric Kaler instructed students not to repeat their poor behavior on Saturday when they played in the final. His email was futile. Union College won its first NCAA hockey title final against the Golden Gophers sending the Minnesota student body into a frenzy. The fans stormed the streets of Dinkytown setting things on fire, knocking down street sign posts and really not being quality citizens of the community.




Besides the couch and the car with the nifty anti-theft device smashed through it, the third most abused thing was poor Minneapolis Fox affiliate KMSP reporter Johnathan Choe. The unfortunate live-on-the-scene reporter had to battle drunks and one kid who only wanted to show off his amazing oral sex technique.

Besides the kids there was a random old dude doing the “hands turn into eyeglasses” trick that only amazes three-year-olds.


If this old dweeb brings home a chick from his atrocious hand gesture I am going to start my own riot.

Via Deadspin