Villagers burn TV sets after seeing scantily clad IPL cheerleaders


IPL cheerleaders have become a sex symbol in recent years treating cricket fans to seductive hip gyrations and ample cleavage during routines. One conservative town in India had enough of the sexual innuendo and protested by burning TV sets.

Seems like a totally level-headed response.

“We all love cricket and whole family used to cheer for our players. But now, it is more of dirty dancing and less of gentleman’s cricket,” says a villagers.

Thirty families of the village decided to set afire their television sets. “Not only the serials, even the advertisement encouraged nudity,” alleges another villager.

Take your conservatism and shove it where that cheerleader doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothing. Also, you wasted some perfectly good TV’s. Those could have been used by poor people. Poor, horny gentlemen specifically, but poor people nonetheless.