VIR2SIM: Kill roaming with multiple international numbers

If you have friends abroad, or are abroad yourself, you learn that one of the B.S. aspects of owning a cell phone is that to cellular companies your smartphone is the same as lugging around a copper cable with a phone hooked up to it, as far as charges are concerned.



Unless you’re using VIR2SIM.

The basic idea is pretty simple: You sign up for the service and get a local number in up to twenty different countries. When you dial out, or somebody calls you, they go through a local telephone exchange, not the more expensive international ones.

That way, if you’re in a country you can simply make a call, and it’ll be treated like you have a local SIM card. Not only that, when you call, they see your “local” number, so it’s fairly easy to identify yourself without having to make your friends overseas call an international number.

Granted you won’t be racking up the chat time: VIR2SIM charges by the minute. But compared to roaming charges, it’s a steal. VIR2SIM is on iOS and Android.

VIR2SIM [Official Site]