Watch this insane brawl between Russian construction workers armed with hammers

I assumed all that jazz about the hammer and sickle were just a communist symbol, but oh no Russians apparently love their hammers and will kill you with one if you’re not careful. In what I assume is a fight because one construction worker stole the other construction worker’s bacon, egg and cheese sandwich turned into a preposterous brawl of grown men attempting to smash other grown men in the head with hammers. There are possibly a couple of murders that occur in this violent five minute battle, but not one police officer on the scene. For me the highlight was this gentleman who is like the Bruce Lee of construction workers. Look at him masterfully swing his hammer like it was a deadly pair of nunchuks. Then he of course attempts to kill three people with one mighty hammer swing.

Thank goodness no one had a nailgun. Whatever the equivalent to OSHA in Russia is would be proud because most of the workers kept their hardhats on during the insanity. Safety first. Crack someone’s skull open second.

In construction just like as in broadcasting the news, you really need to keep your head on a swivel, when you find yourself in a vicious cock fight.