What to watch tonight: ‘CrazySexyCool’, MNF

I feel like we need to talk about last night’s episode of Homeland. Was that the worst “gotcha” moment in TV history? Like, did you really need four episodes for that one moment? Ew. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story @ 9pm, VH-1: YES! Because the world needed a movie about TLC starring Drew Sidora, Lil’ Mama, and KeKe Palmer.

How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm, CBS: This season? Dear God this season is awful. I’m so, so hate-watching at this point.

The Blacklist @ 10pm, Blacklist: Listen, is this show great? No. Is it watchable? Eh. Probably not. But you need to watching something at 10. Castle doesn’t seem to be a viable option anymore.

Vikings-Giants @ 8:30pm, ESPN: Two pretty inept teams battle tonight for the NFC toilet bowl.