What to watch tonight: ‘The League’ season finale

Here’s the thing about Hump Day. There’s far, far too many things on at 10pm. South Park, The League—come on. Spread it out a little please. Here’s what you need to watch.

How I Rock It @ 10pm, Esquire: I guess? I mean, Baron Davis hosting a show about dudes. Sure.

The League @ 10pm, FXX: Back-to-back episodes culminating with a season finale.

South Park @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Tonight’s episode is called “A Song of Ass and Fire.”

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ 11pm, Comedy Central: I’m obligated to tell you when Jennifer Lawrence is on TV.

Pacers-Knicks @ 7pm, ESPN: If you want to see a beatdown of epic proportions, turn this on. Knicks coming off a horrific loss last night to the Pistons.