5 ways to make a t-shirt last longer

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Every guy has a favorite t-shirt. It’s usually obvious because the thing is beat to death and he’s wearing it all the time. 

Seriously, change your shirt once in a while.

You don’t need to make a shirt look that worn in and if you know how to handle your favorite T-shirt it will last a lifetime. Here are some handy tips to keep your favorite T-shirt around for years. Usually longer than you keep women around.

How to make a t-shirt last longer

Wash by fabric, not by color

Washing like colors is fine, but if you want stuff to last, sorting your clothes by fabric type. If you wash t-shirts together they live longer because they don’t have buttons, zippers, or anything else from other clothes beating or ripping them in the wash. It’s also wouldn’t hurt to flip silk screened shirts inside out to preserve the image longer. Skip the dryer and let them air dry. Also cut down on the length of time in the wash. A simple wash cycle will suffice.

Follow the directions

There’s a reason shirts come with little tags. It’s instructing people of the proper washing technique. Read the instructions and follow the directions.  Many an amazing shirt have been lost because people don’t take the time to read a couple lines of directions.

Don’t sweat it in so much

Even though you want to wear your favorite t-shirt as much as possible, refrain from wearing it on occasions when sweating is on the agenda. Outdoor events, the gym, to bed or any other place where the sweat will stain the material. If you don’t wear it as much, you can wash it a little less often, which will prevent the fabric from eventually breaking down.

One for fun, two will do, but no more than three

I’m referring to how often you wear the shirt without washing. One time is fine. Two times is probably the limit. Three times without sending it through the ringer is a little bit too long.

Keep storage in mind

Keep the t-shirt in a drawer or closet (there is never a need to hang a t-shirt on a hanger) and make sure to check for signs of moths. Random holes in clothing are usually a sign that some insects are snacking on your clothes when you’re not around.

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