Wayward tee shot leads to brutal beating on Florida golf course

by 7 years ago

Be advised weekend golf hackers, that wayward tee shot could come back and haunt you. A 63-year-old man went toe-to-toe with a much younger fella after a ball hit his SUV at a Florida golf course. The confrontation led to some fisticuffs which sent the old man to the hospital. Police say it was one of the worst beatings they’d ever seen.



Barton says, “He was just beating him. He was really beating him with a vengeance, it was a terrible thing.”

Barton honked her horn and the golfer gave her an incredible reaction. She says, “The man jumped up and laughed really loud and just ran up the hillside.”

Police say Fillingame was badly beaten in the face and around his head. Detectives are checking security videos. Monday, two people came forward with a good description of the suspect.

This seems like a case of, “hey, pay for my damages” followed immediately by a punch in the face. Brutal.

Hopefully this golf hack gets caught. The last thing this country needs is bad golfers and people beating on the elderly.