Kid’s First Ride In The Front Seat Leads To His Father Teaching Him A Painful Lesson About Wearing A Seatbelt

Here we see what is either a very unfortunate coincidence, or some cold hard parenting about wearing a seatbelt. Either way, this clip almost made me spit out my water it was so amazing.


I’m going to just assume this dad checked the brakes on purpose, to teach his son the importance of buckling up. You can’t be a big boy in the big boy front seat unless you’re gonna buckle it up first…isn’t that like The Muppets’ slogan these days or something?

Either way, concussion or not, I’m willing to bet this lil bro won’t park is ass in that seat in the future without buckling up, and the world is a safer place with this lesson have been learned. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTATE THE IMPORTANCE OF WEARING A SEATBELT folks, just lock it up!

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