What TV shows we should watch tonight: ‘The Americans’, ‘Workaholics’


Is it me or is The Americans portrayal of Russian females pretty inaccurate. If we’re to believe their plot lines, these ladies are ready to screw at a moment’s notice. First it was Kerri Russell, now it’s the double agent in the embassy. Accurate or bad cold war depiction?

The Americans @ 10pm, FX
: Nina is in grave danger. Save Nina dammit. Her bj skills are crucial to the show.

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: Anthony Jeselnik’s on tonight and Anthony Jeselnik’s hilarious.

North Carolina-Maryland @ 7pm, ESPN: A once proud ACC battle sees its conclusion with the Terps moving to the B1G next year.

Workaholics @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Yea, like I need to tell you to watch this show.

Feed the Beast @ 9pm, Travel: Deep fried PB&J sounds delicious. Also fat, but delicious first.