What TV shows we should watch tonight: ‘The Americans’, ‘Workaholics’

The Americans FX


Is it me or is The Americans portrayal of Russian females pretty inaccurate. If we’re to believe their plot lines, these ladies are ready to screw at a moment’s notice. First it was Kerri Russell, now it’s the double agent in the embassy. Accurate or bad cold war depiction?

The Americans @ 10pm, FX
: Nina is in grave danger. Save Nina dammit. Her bj skills are crucial to the show.

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: Anthony Jeselnik’s on tonight and Anthony Jeselnik’s hilarious.

North Carolina-Maryland @ 7pm, ESPN: A once proud ACC battle sees its conclusion with the Terps moving to the B1G next year.

Workaholics @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Yea, like I need to tell you to watch this show.

Feed the Beast @ 9pm, Travel: Deep fried PB&J sounds delicious. Also fat, but delicious first.