Weird Al’s ‘Tacky’ finally puts Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ in its place

If I hear Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ one more time I might actually lose it.

Pharrell’s basically taken over music in the past year or so, well, he’s basically been controlling it for 20+ years, but in the past year it seems like I can’t get in the car without the same Pharrell songs ALWAYS being on the radio. It’s killing me. I don’t particularly like or dislike the songs themselves, but the frequency of which I’m forced to choke on Pharrell’s tunes is driving me insane.

Thankfully Weird Al is still alive (who knew?!?) and has lampooned Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ with a healthy does of social commentary, and how self absorbed you all are. I say ‘you all’ because I’m not self absorbed, the Instagram pics I take of food are incredible and my selfies are the best. You all on the other hand need to step it up.


‘The Legend of Booty Coconut’ is a thing and that’s the best I can say

Everything we know is a lie, palm trees are fake and so are Irish potatoes