We’ve discovered the solution to your outlets problem

As gadgets proliferate and become more and more important to our lives, so do First World problems. One of those is running out of outlets to plug stuff in. Fortunately, there’s a gadget to allow you to plug in all your gadgets.



Where to start?

First, this thing has an iPhone charging dock built into the top. That’s one. Surround the iPod dock are three USB ports, two with one ampere behind them and two with 2.1 amps. That’s five. And down either side are three plain old three-pronged outlets, giving this a grand total of eleven outlets.

And it’s not just those outlets that are a good feature. First of all, this thing is made of fire-retardant plastic, which is kind of a good thing considering how much heat this beast probably puts out. It’s got some built in fuses that should blow before this thing does, and it also has, as you may have guessed, surge protection.

Not bad for $19, especially if your apartment is short on outlets, but if it’s not you might want to look into, ah, condensing. Just a thought.

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