What to watch this Super Bowl weekend

Animal Planet

Yea you should watch the Super Bowl I guess but I’m more interested in the Puppy Bowl. Elsehwere, Girls moves to Saturday night because Saturday night’s when they have all the sex. Here’s what you need to watch this weekend.


The NAACP Image Awards @ 8pm, NBC: Yet another awards show, though, I’ve never heard of this one.

Spartacus: War of the Damned @ 9pm, Starz: Show never had the cult following of Game of Thrones but solid nonetheless.

Nikita @ 8pm, The CW: Again, if you’re watching TV on Friday night, you’re lame. That being said, watch Nikita.


Girls @ 10pm, HBO: Relegated to Saturday night because of the Super Bowl.

Michigan-Indiana @ 9pm, ESPN: Could ESPN hype this game any more?


Puppy Bowl IX @ 3pm, Animal Planet
: If you’re not watching the Puppy Bowl, you’re doing life wrong.

Super Bowl @ 6:30pm, CBS: Going with the Ravens in a blowout. You?