What to watch this weekend: Richard Pryor documentary, ‘Game of Thrones’



Listen, this weekend is the official start of television’s silly season. Do yourself a favor and pick a show you’ve never watched before (The Wire, etc) and start ripping through episodes. Sound good? Here’s what you need to watch this weekend.


Da Vinci’s Demons @ 9pm, Starz: This week’s episode features Leonardo in an underwater suit sneaking into the Vatican.

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic @ 9pm, Showtime: Richard Pryor is the best stand-up comedian of all-time so you should watch this documentary.


Heat-Pacers @ 8:30pm, TNT: So the Heat win this game going away right?


Game of Thrones @ 9pm, HBO: Season is moving far too slow. Fans are started to get worried.

Mad Men @ 10pm, AMC: Joan is taken by surprise in “A Tale of Two Cities.” And boobs.