What to watch tonight: Shark Week, ‘The Bachelorette’ season finale



Sharknado > Shark Week. Eat it Discovery channel. Also, if you watch The Bachelorette season finale, please email me so I can publicly shame you tomorrow on the site. Have a good night.

Shark Week @ 8pm, Discovery: Shark Week has (puts on glasses, stares at no one particular) jumped the shark.

The Bachelorette @ 8pm, ABC: I did not watch a single minute of this season. You shouldn’t have either.

Under the Dome @ 10pm, CBS: As far as summer TV watching goes, this is pretty good. Not sure it has much staying power beyond that.

Jimmy Kimmel Live @ 11:37pm, ABC: Sharon Stone’s on tonight and Sharon Stone changed my boyhood in Basic Instinct. She deserves our respect and admiration.

Best CFB games of 2012 @ 7pm, BTN: Listen, we have football withdrawal and this segment from BTN will alleviate some of that. I hope.

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