What to watch tonight: ‘The Goodwin Games’, ‘Motive’


Will you watch The Goodwin Games tonight? No NBA so you might as well give it a try.

The Goodwin Games @ 8:30pm, FOX: To inherit their father’s millions, three siblings will have to undergo a series of challenges. It’s like the TV version of Hunger Games except nobody dies. Well, except the father—but he’s already dead.

Motive @ 10pm, ABC: And filling in for Castle this summer….another detective drama. Well played ABC.

The Big C @ 10pm, Showtime: Series finale of this show. Never got the recognition it deserved. Premise was a little dreary.

Mike & Molly @ 9:30pm, CS: Wait, this show is still going on?

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson @ 12:37am, CBS: Heather Grahama’s on tonight and you know how much Craigie likes his blondes.