What to watch tonight: ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ season premiere


A brutal summer of TV continues. Tonight you’re left with a giant douche or a turd sandwich. But seriously, The Jeselnik Offensive is worth your time. Here’s what you need to watch.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers @ 8:30pm, NBC: This is a show about old people pulling pranks. One time my grandma shat her pants. It wasn’t a prank. That made me mad.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:35pm, CBS: You remember when Adam Sandler was funny right? Ok, well he was kids. Tonight he’s pumping his new terrible movie, Grown Ups 2.

The Jeselnik Offensive @ 10:30pm, Comedy Central: Amy Schumer and Jim Norton have a discussion about necrophilia. For the laymen, that’s having sex with dead people.

Rizzoli & Isles @ 9pm, TNT: Still my favorite show about a medical examiner and her roommate detective.