What TV shows to watch this weekend



Golden Globes on Sunday and NFL playoffs all weekend. What else could you ask for? Here’s what you need to watch.


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno @ 11:30pm, NBC: I’m obligated by law to tell you anytime Kristen Bell’s on TV.

Thunder-Lakers @ 10:30pm, ESPN: Once upon a time this was a good match-up.


The 2013 Miss America Competition @ 9pm, ABC: Is this the one Donald Trump owns? I always forget.

Wedding Band @ 10pm, TBS: You guys, I swear, this is a good show.

Ravens-Broncos @ 4:30pm, CBS: The Ravens are playing for Ray Lewis but the Broncos simply don’t lose at home.

Packers-Niners @ 8pm, FOX: Can Colin Kaepernick lead the Niners to the Championship game? No, the answer is no.


Seahawks-Falcons @ 1pm, FOX: Haven’t seen a single person pick the Falcons this week.

The Golden Globe Awards @ 8pm, NBC: NBC brought on their elite crew to host this one with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the helm.

Shameless @ 9pm, Showtime: Best show no one talks about. William H. Macy deserves an award for his efforts.