What TV shows we should watch tonight: ‘Justified’ and ‘Splash’


Last week’s Splash was wildly entertaining. Especially when Louie Anderson couldn’t get out of the pool. I doubt that level of hilarity will ever be reached on network TV again. Here’s what you need to watch.

Justified @ 10pm, FX: Last week’s episode deserved an Emmy award. That’s all.

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: Vanessa Hudgens has been killing it the last few weeks. Can she continue her talk show dominance tonight?

Splash @ 8pm, ABC: If you’re not watching this show, you’re doing celebrity diving wrong.

US-Mexico @ 10:15: The USMNT never wins in Mexico and the way they’re playing, it won’t change tonight.

NCIS: LA @ 9pm, CBS: So this whole ‘Red’ team thing is going to be a spin-off isn’t it?