What’s winning the Internet today (01.09.14)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Worst Babysitter Ever?

Huffington Post

But it was her birthday!
Worst Babysitter Ever?

Animals That Don’t Suck

The Chive

Yep, animals are still cooler than humans.
Animals That Don’t Suck (44 Photos)

Sage Advice


Michelle Baker in Bikinis

SI Extra Mustard

She’s really good at wearing bikinis.
SI Hot Clicks



Meet your new favorite trick shot artists.
Shmallowing (Marshmallow Trickshots – Video)

Thug Notes: Romeo And Juliet

Bette Franke in Lingerie


Meet the second sexiest Dutch model on the planet.
Model at Midnight: Bette Franke

Expensive Versions of Everyday Items


$300 for toothpaste seems about right.
Most Expensive Versions of Everyday Items [17 Photos]

Szandra in Lingerie

Gorilla Mask

I especially like the part where she removes some of it.
Szandra (NSFWish)

Was He at the People’s Choice Awards?


Mistakes We Make in College

Total Frat Move

Exhibit A is presented above.
50 Mistakes We All Make in College

Sexiest Athlete Magazine Covers

Busted Coverage

AKA valuable collector’s items.
25 Sexiest Athletes on Magazine Covers

Most Ridiculous Hall of Fame Votes

Fox Sports Buzzer

Armando Benitez? Really?
A Look at Some of the Most Ridiculous Hall of Fame Votes

Rosalind Lipsett in Bikinis

Hollywood Tuna

She too is good at wearing bikinis.
Super Hot Model Rosalind Lipsett Does Frankie’s Bikinis Good!

Surprising Facts About eBay


eBay did $175 BILLION in sales in a year?
9 Surprising Facts About eBay (Video)

Britany Nola in Fishnets


And very little else.
Britany Nola for Galore Magazine (NSFWish)

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

SI Extra Mustard

Drunk Sports Fans, Hypnotizing GIFs, Kate Upton & More!