What’s winning the Internet today (02.11.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Kate Upton in Bodypaint

Upton si em

SI Extra Mustard

No other description necessary.
EXCLUSIVE: Kate Upton in Bodypaint

A Goddess Named Storm

storm xmen

Huffington Post

Looking for a reason to read comics? Here you go.
A Case for Comic Books, Part 2: A Goddess Named Storm





Dogs Rule

dogs rule

The Chive

See above.
Life’s Tough, Get a Dog (49 Photos)

Hot ‘Spring Breakers’ Posters

spring breakers posters


I am so going to see this movie.
Yup, The Spring Breakers Characters Posters are Ridiculously Hot

Condor Goes WILD during Hockey Game

Chicks on Tinder



In case you were wondering.
The 11 Chicks You Meet on Tinder

Tiffani in Black and Pink

tiffani hot

Gorilla Mask

Black and Pink lingerie to be more specific.
Tiffani (NSFWish)

Valentine’s Day GIFs

valentines day gifs

The FW

Because this is the Internet.
The Most Romantic GIFs for Valentine’s Day

The Grammys

kelly clarkson



Larisa Fraser in a Bikini

larisa braun

Busted Coverage

Ryan Braun is the MVP of scoring bikini models.
NEW! Larisa Fraser Braun Bikini Photos for Venus Swimwear

Parachuter Passes Out

parachuter passes out

Clip Nation

“Are you all right, bro?”
Parachuter Passes Out Mid-Jump (Video)

Johanna Lundback in Lingerie

lundback lingerie


She is very attractive.
Model at Midnight: Johanna Lundback

Famous Things That Didn’t Exist

didnt exist


Get ready to have your mind blown.
6 Famous Things From History That Didn’t Actually Exist

Sexiest Grammies

grammies hot


As in grandmas. Seriously.
The Hottest Grammies

V-Day Gift Ideas for Babes

V-Day gift ideas

Guy Speed

If these don’t work at least you have someone to blame.
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Babes, From a Babe

What was Winning the Internet on Friday

cheerleader week

SI Extra Mustard

Haunted Route 66, Friday Photobombs, Cheerleader of the Week, and more!!