What’s winning the Internet today (04.23.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Models Get Head Lice on Show

models head lice

Huffington Post

Germany’s Next Top Model sounds like a fun show.
Models on Heidi Klum TV Show Catch Head Lice

Czech Republic is NOT Chechnya

czech republic


Oh, Internet, you have failed us again.
The Czech Republic is NOT Chechnya But These People Didn’t Get the Memo

Not a Bad Policy

handwrite tweets



Elyse Taylor in Lingerie

elyse taylor


Victoria’s Secret needs to use her more often.
Elyse Taylor’s Sizzling New Lingerie Pictures Will Get the Engines Running

Hot Hula Hooping Girl

hula hoop girl


We do love us a good hula hooping girl, don’t we?
This Hula Hooping Girl Most Definitely Brings the Moves (Video)

25 Awkward MMA Moments

Natasha Belle in Plaid

natasha belle

Gorilla Mask

Natasha looks really good in (and out of) plaid.
Natasha Belle (NSFWish)

Extreme Hammocking


Clip Nation

Do not try this at home. Or do. What do we care?
Extreme Hammocking (Video)

New WWE Divas

new wwe divas

Busted Coverage

They’re really hot. Go figure.
Eva Marie & Jo-Jo Offerman: New WWE Divas


serial killer



Strange Coachella Outfits

coachella outfits

The FW

People sure do like to get weird at Coachella, don’t they?
12 Strange Outfits From Coachella

‘Pain & Gain’s Bar Paly

bar paly


A hot chick? In a Michael Bay movie? No way.
Bar Paly

Hilarious Horror Movies

funny bad horror movies

Guy Speed

These are so far from scary that they’re almost comedy.
8 Unintentionally Hilarious Horror Movies

Rachel Trevaskis in Lingerie

Rachel Trevaskis


Score one for the British.
Model at Midnight: Rachel Trevaskis

Internet Emotions

internet emotions


You know what Accidental-Sharing Panic is, right?
6 Emotions Invented by the Internet

Playmates Getting Handsy

playmates twitpic

The Smoking Jacket

Get ready to start following these ladies on Twitter.
TwitPic Theater: Playmates Getting Handsy

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

klass bikinis


WTF Signs, Will Ferrell Bloopers, Myleene Klass and more!