What’s winning the Internet today (05.01.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

Greatest Beards and Mustaches

Huffington Post

Ladies and gentlemen, the International German Beard and Mustache Championship!
The Greatest Beards and Mustaches Ever

Modeling is Hard

The Chive

Sooo you want to be a model, huh?
Turns Out Modeling is Harder Than I Thought (31 Photos)

King Me!!



Behati Prinsloo in Lingerie


Yes, please!
New Behati Prinsloo Lingerie Pictures?

More Facebook Failure


Well, when you put it that way.
Facepalm Worthy Facebook Posts

Ryan Jones Knows Sports: Basketball

Her Name is Charm

Gorilla Mask

As in lucky charm?
Charm (NSFWish)

Posterized NBA Players

SI Extra Mustard

This is the really good kind of “posterization.”
For These NBA Players, Getting Posterized Wasn’t Such a Bad Thing

Jason Collins’ Ex-Girlfriend

Busted Coverage

They were together for 8 years and she claims she had no idea.
Carolyn Moos is Jason Collins’ Ex-Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Uh, Yeah, Chad, We Are



Sexy Pool Party

Clip Nation

Everything looks better coming out of the water.
Sexy Pool Party (Video)

Psyched for Cinco de Mayo

The FW

Yes, that is a capybara wearing a fake mustache.
14 Animals Who are Psyched for Cinco de Mayo

Jessica Orr in Bikinis


Yet another sexy American model we haven’t heard of before.
Model at Midnight: Jessica Orr

Things You Need to Accomplish

Elite Daily

You in your 30s is depending on you.
20 Things You Need to Accomplish in Your 20s

Sexy Girls Saying ‘May Day!’


They’re having so much fun that they’re sending out an SOS!
Girls Saying “May Day!”

Lessons from ‘The Breakfast Club’

Guy Speed

Even grown men can learn a great deal from this John Hughes classic.
5 Lessons Every Man Can Learn From The Breakfast Club

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


WTF Houses, Sad NYC Strippers, Erin Heatherton and more!