Woman empties breast milk into milk carton at work—is the most disgusting, vile woman ever

“Hey Rick, have you had your morning coffee yet”
“No, why?”
“The cream’s amazing today. It’s like sweet nectar from heaven, kinda takes me back to my childhood.”

Ok, so this one time at a gentleman’s club, this stripper lactated on me. Like, flat out, boob juice all over my face. I don’t know much about breast milk but hers was salty as shit. Like girl probably hadn’t drank water in like a week. You know how you accidentally get sweat in your mouth when you’re working out? And it’s kinda rancid? Yeah, that.

I don’t know why I told you that story. I guess I want you to know it’s only the third worst thing that’s happened to me at a strip club.

But yeah, back to this girl, she’s hot right? Like in a slutty, I wear thongs to work and lactate into the milk carton kind of hot, right? Or am I just developing a breast milking fetish?