Woman reports school shooting as April Fool’s prank

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Angela Timmons, a 54-year-old employee (for now) at a college in North Carolina was arrested yesterday for texting her daughter that a shooting was going on at the college BUT APRIL FOOL’S Y’ALL I’M KIDDING ISN’T THAT HIGH-LARIOUS?!?!


Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says more than a dozen of his deputies responded to Virginia College on Tuesday morning. Wright says a woman had called 911, saying she got a text from her mother who reported that shots had been fired at the campus and that she was hiding.

When the mother didn’t respond to another message, Wright says the daughter called 911.

The cops found Timmons, probably chuckling over the latest Peanuts strip and sipping a Tab like crazy people are wont to do, and arrested her for disturbing the school.

A psychiatric evaluation on this woman isn’t necessary. The idea that at she found this idea to be funny at all proves she’s nuts. Maybe dumb. I’ll accept both answers.

Cops: Woman Reported School Shooting as April 1 Prank [WLTX]

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