Woman allegedly trades a beej for a better deal on a used car

When you’re bartering sexual favors for money, maybe you could do a little better than knocking a couple bucks off a Cadillac?

crystal frantzen

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Police say that Crystal Franzen was spotted performing oral sex on a man “in exchange for a better deal” on a used Cadillac in Tennessee.

Dispatchers received reports of the public display of negotiation at a gas station parking lot in Blountville, Tenn.

The 28-year-old woman was allegedly showing off her oral bartering skills on Greg Tipton in the very Cadillac she was negotiating to purchase.

Tipton was charged with patronizing a prostitute and drug possession when cops found pills in his pocket without a prescription. Frantzen was charged with prostitution. Both have been released on bond.

The police report does not make mention of what make of Cadillac it was. Neither Frantzen nor Tipton disclosed the dollar figure associated with the unconventional mediation session.