Woman tries tough mudder for the first time—something amazing did not happen [GIFs]

I can’t stop watching this woman falling over and over again. She’s my spirit animal.

25 Boy shorts for the win

24 REMINDER: George Clooney was hittin’ this

23 But look at the scenery in the background

22 Greatest backside/backhand in tennis?

21 She’s my favorite

20 Kelly Brook /swoon

19 This is an important GIF of a girl jumping

18 And explosion

17 True story: Christina Ricci used to be really hot

16 Hey-O

15 Well hello there

14 They’re not toys. Stop treating them like toys!

13 But why are you hiding?

12 Bar Refaeli needs a doubles partner

11 From the wildly popular Bubble Butt video

10 The always lovely Kerry Washington

9 And butthole

8 Chanel Iman will punch you out

7 Is this an 80s fitness video?

6 I’m so excited to see how this ends

5 Girls…

4 hula-hooping

3 is

2 the

1 best