Woman wins $1 million on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

A woman won $1 million on Wheel of Fortune. It’s a nearly impossible feat that was accomplished with one of the most impressive final puzzle guesses I’ve seen. She must workout.

In case you aren’t a regular Wheel watercher, how you win the million dollar prize on Wheel of Fortune is pretty much a scam. You can’t win it. You have to land on it during regular play, correctly pick a consonant, and eventually solve that puzzle. Then you have to win the rest of the game without hitting bankrupt once. At that point, the million dollar prize just goes into the final puzzle spin, which means you still only have a 1/24 chance of landing on it. Then solve the final puzzle, which I’m sure they cheat on and make more difficult, and hope you got lucky on the spin.

Having all those pieces fall into place and then somehow pulling “tough workout” out of her ass is nothing short of a miracle.