WonderCon trailer for ‘Pacific Rim’ is big on action

Based on the WonderCon trailer for Pacific Rim, the original sci-fi movie looks a lot like Power Rangers for grownups, starring Jax from Sons of Anarchy as the Red Ranger. Throw in a little Battleshipesque underdog technology arc and you have yourself a blockbuster.

While that may sound like a negative summary, the movie looks awesome. Giant robots fight equally large space aliens hellbent on destruction. What’s not to like? Human pilots control these robots, known as jagoffs Jaegers, through super-tandem ESP, which means there should be plenty of married couple bickering for those who want to make sure the movie seems “real.” Of course the hope for all humanity lies in an old, discarded robot that no one thinks could possibly win. I really hope Hugh Jackman has a cameo with his Real Steel.