World War II hero faces trial on 90th birthday for smuggling 1,000 pounds of coke

via U.S. Marshals Service


Leo Sharp will be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Detroit for transporting more than 1,000 pounds of coke across the country.

The World War II veteran will also celebrate his 90th birthday on that day.

Sharp’s story is a sad tale — “The World War II vet and recipient of the Bronze Star, the fourth-highest individual military medal given for valor, was stopped on Interstate 94 by Michigan State Police in 2011. Worried about what the trooper would find, he reportedly declared, “Just kill me and let me leave this planet,” according to an Associated Press story on The Huffington Post. Authorities did find more than 200 pounds of cocaine in his vehicle, but the government said it wasn’t the first time the Michigan City, IN, man had acted as a drug mule.”

Sharp told authorities he agreed to act as a mule for an organized drug ring because he needed money.

Sharp’s lawyers believe his dementia should keep him out of prison.

89-Year-Old World War II Hero Faces Prison For Massive Cocaine Haul [Patch]

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