WWE news and rumors: Current superstar bashes Paul Heyman in newspaper interview

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News and rumors from the WWE lead off with Ryback being less than pleased with Paul Heyman.

Other rumors and news include — the next round of the NXT woman’s championship tournament, a former NXT star debuting in TNA and a WWE champion discusses The Undertaker and his reaction to the end of the streak.

Ryback’s attitude towards recent angles

Ryback did an interview with the Miami Herald yesterday. The WWE Superstar talked about his partner Curtis Axel, his time being a Paul Heyman guy, and his roller coaster ride since his 2012 debut.

On his monster debut, Ryback explained — “I came in 2012 and burst on the scene. I believe I was the most popular thing. Before the ‘Yes Movement’, there was the ‘Feed Me More’ movement. I took the WWE by storm. I was undefeated for some time, sometimes taking on two guys at one time. I jumped in the main event scene very quickly and stayed very popular with the WWE Universe for a long time. We made the switch and went an opposite way and took it all away. Not that I necessarily agreed with it at the time, but I feel it was a good move.”

On being a Paul Heyman guy — “I got absolutely nothing [from that]. It’s a time period I will not even think to look back on.”

Wow. Now, it’s interesting to note that his partner Curtis Axel is also a former Heyman ward. Neither man is in feud with Heyman but those are some strong, blunt feelings about his time with the current manager of Brock Lesnar and Cesaro. Is it actual animosity?

Two Divas advance in NXT tournament

In case you missed the action on NXT, Natalya defeated Layla and Sasha Banks defeated Bayley on tonight’s WWE NXT episode to advance in the NXT Women’s Title tournament. Natalya will face Sasha in the second round of the tournament. Next week’s show will feature first-round matches with Emma vs. Charlotte and Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss, in her TV debut.

Former NXT star makes debut in TNA

Former WWE NXT star Kenneth Cameron, who now wrestles by the name Bram, made his debut in TNA Impact Wrestling this week. He appeared in a backstage segment with Magnus. Bram was released by the WWE in November 2012 after being charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication.

Bram, real name Thomas Latimer, is married to WWE NXT Diva Charlotte and is the son-in-law of wrestling legend Ric Flair.

Video of his TNA debut here.

Bray Wyatt a heavy favorite to top Cena at Extreme Rules

Interesting piece from F4WOnline in which betting odds list Bray Wyatt as a heavy (no pun intended) favorite to top John Cena at the Extreme Rules PPV. Other favorites include Daniel Bryan over Kane and Evolution over The Shield.

Shawn Michaels talks about the end of Undertaker’s streak

In a recent Q&A with Shawn Michaels in Manchester, England posted on WrestlingInc.com, the former WWE champ talked about his reaction to the end of Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania XXX.

Shawn talked about being at WrestleMania 30 in the gorilla position. He said that he was as shocked as anyone that Undertaker lost, and that he texted ‘Taker afterwards to see if he was OK. ‘Taker responded that he is OK, and he will sue when he finds out the number of the bus that hit him!

It’s no secret that the leader of The Cliq and The Undertaker didn’t get along all the time when both where main event stars in the WWE. That said, it’s good to see there is still some professional and personal courtesy between the two.

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