WWE news and rumors: Wrestlers told to ‘avoid’ Nancy Grace & Vince’s reaction to Warrior death


How did Vince really feel about the Ultimate Warrior’s passing?

Today in the world of WWE rumors and news — WWE is telling wrestlers to stay away from Nancy Grace, first hand accounts of Vince’s reaction to the death of the Ultimate Warrior and CM Punk and the oddly placed sticky note.

WWE reportedly telling talent to avoid Nancy Grace

TMZ is reporting that proverbial pot stirrer Nancy Grace has been blackballed by WWE because of the way she covered the death of The Ultimate Warrior. Grace pissed off WWE brass when she brought former wrestling star Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show only to railroad the former WCW champion with insinuation that Warrior’s death was because of steroid and drug abuse.

Grace even brought a doctor on the show to speculate that steroids and drugs directly led to the deaths of scores of young wrestlers. Grace went through a list of names — including Owen Hart who fell to his death in a freak accident — and made wild accusations about the sport.

WWE hasn’t put out a written warning but all current and former Superstars have been verbally told to stay off her show and refuse any inquires from her staff.

WWE icon hated his time in the Legends House

Never one to mince words, Rowdy Roddy Piper sat down with Sam Roberts to discuss his time in the Legends House. Piper talked about how much he hated the experience and the interview quickly shifted to his childhood. It was an incredibly sad interview from start to finish.

Vince’s reaction to Warrior’s death

If you haven’t seen the documentary about The Ultimate Warrior running on the WWE Network, it’s a must watch. Even if you’re not old enough to remember the former WWE megastar.

In The Ultimate Legend, Vince McMahon discusses his reaction to hearing about the Warrior’s passing. He called the news “surreal” and stated that he didn’t want to believe it was true. Triple H discussed getting the news from his assistant and having to break the news to Vince. He knew it would be a “tough conversation because of what Warrior meant to him.”

The relationship between Hellwig and McMahon over the years has been rocky to say the least — from the Summerslam hold-up for more money to the first documentary the WWE released which painted the Warrior a certified egomaniac — but there is no denying both men owe each other a huge debt of gratitude. The Ultimate Warrior’s charisma and explosion in popularity helped soften the blow of the then-WWF losing their biggest star of all time in Hulk Hogan and Vince turned Hellwig into a household name and wrestling legend.

CM Punk being erased from WWE?

Interesting piece of WWE news sent in to Daily Wrestling News by a fan — in the Ultimate Warrior documentary the Warrior meets with some of WWE’s merchandise people about what they had planned for him. On the wall, are framed posters of recent WWE pay-per-view events. On the 2014 Royal Rumble poster, there is a post-it note stuck over CM Punk’s face.

Alright, so it’s not exactly “Benoit-ing” Punk out of WWE history, but it’s a slight jab at the man who left the federation a couple of months ago for personal reasons.

Russo back with TNA?

Everyone’s favorite magazine writer and wrestling booker is backstage at TNA — PWInsider confirms that Russo is working for TNA again but strictly in a consultant capacity. According to TNA rumors, Russo has been offering ideas and doing critiques of the TNA TV shows.

Speaking of relationships, is anyone else amazed that Russo hasn’t figured out a way to get back into the good graces of the brass in Stamford. McMahon has rebuilt many a burnt bridge but Russo never gets mentioned in any way by WWE. That must have been one blown up bridge.

Two major WWE DVDs in the works

Reports from WrestlingDVDNews.com are saying that the WWE is working on two major DVD projects — the first being a collection of the best of Sting and the other will be single DVDs of The Undertaker and Kane sold together and titled Brothers of Destruction. Both will be available for pre-order in September.

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