WWE news: Former superstar refuses to sign latest Legends contract

via WWE


Mick Foley wasn’t happy towards the end of his expired WWE Legends contract.

So, when it came time to resign another deal, the hardcore legend and former WWE champion declined the offer.

In a recent interview on The Drive with Marc James on CBS radio in North Carolina, Foley explained why he’ll refuse the Legends contract this time around.

“Honestly, I’m probably not going to sign my Legends deal with WWE because I don’t think they did the right thing by the guys with the video game. The check was a little low. Last year, there was a bankruptcy, but this year there wasn’t. So, I don’t see the upside to signing the Legends deal when the carrot isn’t there dangling. So, I’m not going to sign my Legends deal.”

This seems like more of a gripe with the game manufacturers than with the WWE but it’s the WWE logo on the top of the page so Foley’s got to direct his displeasure at the source. Foley is constantly “at war” with the WWE until the next big storyline where they need the hardcore Legends and fences are mended.

Contracts can be drawn up at any time, so while this piece of paper won’t get Foley’s signature at the bottom, don’t believe for a minute this is the last time you’ll see Foley in the WWE.

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