Yankees’ ‘Beer Mixology’ helplessly grasps at boozy buzzwords

Twitter | Amanda Rykoff


A paradigm shift is underway at Yankee Stadium to streamline synergy and leverage alcoholic best practices. To translate, Yankee Stadium now has a “beer mixology destination.”

This isn’t Pegu Club. It’s a baseball park. Mixology is the art of preparing mixed drinks, and all they are mixing is plastic cups and macro beer. They don’t even make Black and Tans. It’s just a pathetic attempt to use beverage industry buzzwords to justify higher prices, and it’s quite possibly the worst effort ever. The only acceptable explanation for this is that someone in marketing is trolling all of us.

So why not at least use jargon related to beer? They already tried that too. The Yankees caught flack opening day when Amanda Rykoff spotted their new “craft beer station” that didn’t actually offer any craft beer.

Twitter | Amanda Rykoff


Blue Moon, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, Crispin Cider, and Batch 19 are all better than your typical Old Style, but that doesn’t make them craft beers. They are owned by MillerCoors, SABMiller, MillerCoors, and MolsonCoors respectively. Given the recent and obnoxious “craft vs. crafty” debate, that is at least a sly attempt by the Yankees to better market their beer. Creating a beer mixology station is just ridiculous.