Dad Pranks Son In The Shower — Son’s In Need of Instant Therapy

by 4 years ago


This all started out so innocently. Just a dad setting out to prank his son a time of vulnerability, but then things spiraled into the realms of therapy and kids screaming like baby hawks.

source: YouTube /u/ Josh Fairbanks

Never mind the fact that this dad was legitimately trying to scare the sh*t out of his son, which he’d then have to clean up himself later (because why son is going to clean up his own shower sh*t when his dad caused the defecation in the first place?). But that SCREAM!

If we can even call it a scream? Was that more of a shriek? A war cry? Is he currently in the process of metamorphosing into a red-tailed hawk? Because that’s the scream I heard poppin’ out that shower, a red-tailed hawk. Who’s with me on that one?


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