This Bro Wrote Out The 10 Bromandments Of Being A Bro And, We Gotta Say, It’s Spot On

People love to talk about what it “means” to be a Bro. Who is a Bro? How do you be a Bro? What makes you a Bro? How is this guy a Bro and this other guy not a Bro? Can I be [insert literally any self-identifier ever here] and still be a Bro?

As ambiguous as all that sounds, the answer is yes. As long as your answer to the blank space in the above sentence isn’t “asshole/douchebag,” then yes — You can be a Bro.

The idea of the “the bro” is one of identity and friendship. It shows that you care. It means that you’re a savage in life. It’s an inclusive term, not an exclusive term, oft confused with exclusive terms like “frat” or “fratty”. And it’s one we take pretty seriously here at BroBible dot com. I I used to write about this a lot here at BroBible. I’ll just go ahead quote myself on the subject.

Just pause for a second and think about what “Bro” is actually an abbreviation for: Brother. That’s it! It’s a simple term of endearment between guys. Here at BroBible, we’ve always avoiding defining “Bro” as a lifestyle. It’s just… Life. “Bro” is descriptor for masculine brotherhood that’s really more inclusionary than exclusionary: You don’t have to be in a fraternity, do bong rips, crush mad Nattys, act like Rob, play a D-1 sport, or even be attracted to the opposite sex to be one.

Just be a stand-up guy who’s social, self-aware, maybe has a few goals in life, and likes to have fun. That’s really all there is to it.

It’s not that difficult, Bro.

We could talk about The Bro Code and it’s many golden rules all day. This afternoon on Twitter a fellow Bro shared the front page of his “BroBible”, which include 10 spot-on Bromandments, as dictated at Mt. Mount Siani to Broses himself, of BroBible’s Old Testament fame.

Live ’em and learn ’em. These are the rules for being a Bro.

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