10 Vital Tinder Tips for 2014

#1. Never travel more than five miles for a first date. If you travel farther than 5 miles for your first Tinder date, you’re doing it wrong.

#2. If you can’t immediately tell who the prospective Tinder is in the four or five pictures, abandon. Repeat: ABANDON.

#3. If it looks too good to be true, it is. There’s no *probably* about it. If there are website references in the picture, give her the big fat X and move on. This one should be common sense, bro.

#4. Meet in public places, since it’s harder for Jigsaw to set his traps in a Starbucks. Hopefully, you’re filing this one under common sense too.

#5. Mutual friends create an immediate rapport—but proceed with caution. Make sure you’re both looking for the same thing. Or else.

#6. Show up on time and text the person where you are. Spending the first 20 minutes trying to find each other can be a major mood killer.

#7. Don’t Tinder on a date, don’t Tinder and drive, don’t Tinder at work. Tinder on the toilet, Tinder at home, Tinder on the bus.

#8. For each and every Tinder date, the default last name is Tinder.

#9. Some girls will push for a dinner date instead of a bar meet-up. They’re doing this to manage expectations. You’ve gotta know that going in.

#10. As a good friend and avid Tinder user put it, “Tinder is not an app to boost your self confidence – it’s a venue for finding true love and having random sex.” He got the sex part right.

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