10 Untamable Bros In Pop Culture

Leonardo DiCaprio

This A-lister knows how to have a good time and, perhaps more importantly, with whom to share a good time. His little black book reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood hotties and he rarely swings and misses with a movie role. He’s seamlessly transitioned from a child star to a full-fledged star. He’s the rare type of guy who doesn’t engender jealously of his charmed life – because he lives it so effortlessly.


He’s conquered music, sports and Beyonce. Those three things make up 90 percent of a dude’s energy at any single time. Jay-Z has done it his way, with no apologies. He’s on the president’s speed dial but he’s retained his street-smart roots.

Rob Gronkowski

All hail Gronk. This is his world and the rest of us are just living in it. When he’s not revolutionizing the tight end position, he’s rewriting the off-the-field record books. Efforts to tame the young NFL star have been ubiquitous but not a single one has ever stood a chance of being effective. It should come as no surprise, however. They guy calls himself Yo Soy Fiesta.

George Clooney

I’m going to make this very simple. Has anyone ever tamed him? The answer is no – and it will continue to be no.

Justin Timberlake

We’re past that awkward stage where he stopped making music. Can we forget that dark time ever happened? Timberlake also has the kind of charm that makes you thank him for stealing your girl. How does he do it? No one knows. A normal person trying to harness that personality would be overwhelmed. JT makes it look easy.

Sylvester Stallone

An oldie but a goodie. Look at those pythons. No shirt can hold them. We should all aspire to kick that much ass at that age.

Russell Brand

He says whatever on his mind, which is usually hilarious. He’s the author of one of the all-time tongue-lashings and a hero to anyone whoever considered themselves clever. His checkered past is behind him but he still has the unpredictable fire bubbling under the surface, ready to erupt at any time.

Brian Wilson

Look at this guy and tell us the normal rules of society apply to him. You can’t. His beard holds more secrets than a sorority house. He’s more interesting than you’ll ever be. And much much bigger.

Stephen Colbert

Our nation’s most-trusted news source has ditched the stodgy old anchor shtick and is a loose cannon. He never shies away from an opinion or leans away from a joke. His ability to get otherwise serious guests to open up and have a good time is otherworldly.

Felix Baumgartner


Nick Offerman

He has two passions in life: stiff drinks and woodworking. And mustaches. Guess that’s three passions. He is a throwback of a man, something we need in 2013 more than ever.