How Much Would Someone Have To Pay You To Eat This 10-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal That Looks Brand New?

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I wasn’t really sure if I should post this because we’ve covered years-old McDonald’s food a handful of times in the past here on BroBible. It is newsworthy that this McDonald’s burger and the fries look like they’ve been sitting out for just an hour, and certainly don’t look like they were purchased back in April 2006. That’s not some shit you see every day so I figured you bros needed to see this, but then I got totally sidetracked with a discussion of how much someone would have to pay me to eat this and that’s when I knew I needed to share this pic with you bros.

So while you feast your eyes on this I want you to think of a number. How much would someone actually have to pay you to eat the McDonald’s hamburger and fries that were purchased back in April 2006: $50? $500? $5,000? $50,000? What amount of money is going to change your life enough to the point that you’d be willing to eat a 3650 day old burger? Or would you do it just for the story? I’ll let you know my thoughts below, but first let us feast our eyes upon what a 10-year-old burger from McDonald’s looks like:

Before today’s photos of a 10-year-old McDonald’s hamburger and fries surfaced we covered 6-year-old Happy Meal (McNuggets + Fries) back in February, and after that we shared a video that tried to explain why McDonald’s burgers never rot. So I figured we’d covered this topic well enough. Then, as I mentioned above, we got to the ‘how much’ discussion and I really got thinking.

Rebecca threw out $5k as her number, claiming she wouldn’t risk food poisoning for anything less than five grand. I tried to put it into terms like ‘what about one month’s rent?’ and she wouldn’t budge, claiming that the texture of those fries and that burger would be absolutely vomit-inducing, and since we all know that vomiting sucks gigantic donkey, anything under $5k just isn’t worth it.

At first I was thinking I wouldn’t eat that for any amount of money but I quickly came to my senses. Obviously I’d eat that for a million dollars. Then I got to thinking what amount of money would actually change my life enough to the point that I’d be willing to eat 10-year-old food…and after some serious consideration I’ve come up with $30k as my figure. I could pay my car off immediately, have money left over for a badass vacation, and it would cover my hospital visits for the likely food poisoning.

What about you bros, how much would someone have to pay you to eat this?

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