Here’s Why McDonald’s Hamburgers Look The Same Years Later And Will Never, Ever Rot


A week or so ago we showed you what happened when a woman saved a McDonald’s Happy Meal for six years. As one might have guessed, it pretty much looked the same as the day that she bought it.

Turns out that while it may seem disgusting there is a very reasonable explanation for why McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot the way we’re used to seeing other food decompose.

And while most would venture that it has something to do with chemicals being added, that’s simply not the case.

As chef Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats points out in the Business Insider video below, even homemade hamburgers that sit around for years would also pretty much look the same as when they were first made.

So it’s not just a Mickey D’s phenomenon. In the video, McDonald’s even offers an explanation to explain why their food seems to last forever.

While that doesn’t make it any more appetizing, at least now thanks to the video below we know that simple science is behind why McDonald’s burgers as well as everyone else’s will pretty much last forever.

Check it out…

[protected-iframe id=”201b123241a741e6758b109d1a6772b9-97886205-92827192″ info=”” width=”640px” height=”360px”]

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