Customers Joke That Restaurant Should Make ‘Bigger Burgers’ And The Result Is A 100-Pound Beast Of A Sandwich

It’s actually a huge accomplishment these days to survive one year in the food business. Most places shut down after a couple months. Making it a year is a reason to celebrate.

Owners of Dirigo’s Public House were looking for a creative way to celebrate the joint’s first birthday. After several jokes by the staff about creating a giant burger, they decided to make it a reality.

The result was a beast of burger excess. The patty itself was 70 pounds of ground meat but adding all the toppings, and the bun, brought the total weight to around 100 pounds.

Restaurant co-owner Ben Grant told WCSH news that…

“It all starts as a joke.Everybody is like, ‘haha, the burgers are really good, you should go bigger.’ It seemed inappropriate, especially pairing with our neighbors from down the street, to do something that is as excessive as this without some sort of community give-back.”

The burger was also created in the name of a good cause: a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local food bank. They should probably also donate parts of the uneaten burger.

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[via WCSH]