100-Year-Old Grandma Nails Difficult Beer Pong Shot, Has The Skills Of A Highly Trained College Student

We’ve all been in that position and we have all this that cup before, but nobody here is 100-years-old. It’s a pretty difficult shot at the age of 21, you’ve got the intimidation cup out front and no spacer in between. Grandma’s most certainly lost some muscle over the years and I’m willing to bet her eyes aren’t what they used to be, but she still manages to perfectly arc that shot through the air and into the cup, leaving only one cup on the table.

It’s unclear if this was a shoot-until-you-miss scenario to close out the game because there are not cups left on Grandma’s side of the table, or if she just stepped in to try her hand at a little beer pong and showed all those whippersnappers that granny’s still got. What is clear though is that grandma’s having one hell of a 100th birthday party.

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(h/t TastefullyOffensive)

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