An 11-Year-Old Now Has An $11 Million (MILLION) Deal With Whole Foods For A Dang Lemonade She Made

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I’m guessing that you, dude reading BroBible at three on a Friday, are not worth 11 million dollars.

Just a hunch. I don’t doubt your intelligence or your ingenuity, I just don’t think you’re making that kind of scratch. However, I have some good news for you. Apparently it don’t take dick to become a millionaire these days.

Just ask 11-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, who is now $11 million richer for making some damn lemonade. You know, lemonade, the concoction that’s been around for thousands of years, that is literally just lemon juice and water and sugar stirred together?

Yea, that shit netted her fucking multi millions.

That’s because Whole Foods picked up her Bee Sweet brand, which is, I remind you, just lemonade.

The high-end grocery store will carry it in 55 stores, with the option to take it nationally, if sales go well.

She received the recipe from her great grandmother and it incorporates flaxseed, mint, and honey into the lemonade, which, I won’t lie, sounds tasty. Not $11 million tasty, but tasty.

Portions of her profits go to save the bees, which are endangered these days. Yea. Bees. Who knew?

Ulmer rose to lemonade prominence after her product appeared on Shark Tank, where the sharks invested $60,000 in her product.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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