WE’RE ALL FILTHY WHORES: Study Finds Over 110 Million Americans Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease

But seriously, that sounds like a wild time, ladies. Have fun with it.

Anyway, according to the CDC, over 110 million Americans (as of 2008) are currently infected with some kind of an STD. That's over 30% of the entire population. Over 70% of that number is thanks to HPV, the silent assassin that may or may not be festering in our dicks. 

All this information, while said to be the most recent available for the study, is a little outdated since it was pulled from 2008 (apparently we can't get fresh information in a timely manner). Below is the chart of new STDs that occurred in 2008 alone. Looks like HPV has no quit in its game.

The good news — if you can call it good news, which you probably can't/shouldn't — is 9 million more chicks have STDs than dudes. They've got some goddamn nerve calling us pigs. Although since the information is five years old, we may have caught up by now.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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