12-Year-Old Skips School, Takes Dad’s Truck For 300-Mile Joyride Through Three States Instead

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A 12-year-old from Prince George County, Va., is in what I can only surmise to be “a shit-ton” of trouble after he cut class last Thursday and instead stole his father’s new Ford F-150, taking the truck south on a joyride through Virginia and North Carolina before finally being apprehended several miles across the South Carolina border. The Google Maps screenshot above is close approximation to the route the joyride’n 12-year-old drove.

How the hell a 12-year-old actually barreled down I-95 for almost 300 miles without doing any harm to himself or any other motorists is totally beyond me, but it’s a good thing that the situation fortunately got resolved before anything tragic happened.

The joyride story comes courtesy of WTVR6 News:


Here’s an artist’s rendering (me Google Image searching “Problem Child“) of what the runaway 12-year-old was up to the whole time on the road.



Authorities still have not made it clear why the guns were present in the vehicle along with the boy, but again this is the South, so assholes driving around erratically with guns in pickup trucks isn’t exactly out of place. Absolutely ridiculous that the kid’s disappearance went unbeknownst to his parents, too. Something is definitely wrong if you’re failing to notice your brand new F-150 is missing from the driveway for several hours, and it’s not because you’re behind the wheel “gittin ‘errr done!”

Glad to see a citizen was able to tip off the highway police here in S.C., and good thing nobody was hurt.

[h/t My Fox 8]

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