Meet The Guy Who Claims To Have Made $15 Million From Finding And Selling Lost Golf Balls

If you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do to make money?

When Glenn Berger found himself in that situation, he took to stealing lost golf balls from the lake at a golf course near his home. That was 14 years ago. Today, Berger is still taking golf balls (although now he’s doing it legally) from golf courses all over Florida and selling them to driving ranges and shitty golfers for $1 per ball.

To date, Berger claims all of his hard work — diving in scummy ponds and trying to not get murdered by alligators — has earned him $15,000,000. That is FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. MILLION… FIFTEEN OF THEM…FUCK.

I don’t know if that figure is accurate or if it’s even feasible for one man to find and sell 15 million golf balls in that amount of time, but I’m sure the IRS is going to try to find out if they ever hear that Berger is making these kinds of claims.