2 Chainz Drops $500k In The Most Expensive Smoking Session Of All Time — Half A Mil On Weed, Dabs, And Bongs

In the latest episode of Most Expensive Shit 2 Chainz goes further than any stoner has ever gone before, with a smoke session totaling over $500,000. In fact, they invested around a half a million dollars in glass alone for this smoking session. On top of the $500k in glass they threw in the most expensive weed and dabs that money could buy, creating the most decadent smoking session in the history of planet earth.

I just can’t believe that this is 2 Chainz’s life…This dude’s probably getting paid top dollar for these ‘Most Expensive Shit’ videos, and on top of that he’s getting to sample the most expensive items on the planet. Truly, that might’ve been the most expensive bong hit of all time at $30k for just one hit (that last one), and on top of that there’s someone actually paying him to make these films…How did he hit the lottery?

(via GQ YouTube)