These Are 2016 ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography’ Award Winners, The Funniest Animals Pics Taken This Year

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We’re not quite done with 2016 yet but most of the wildlife across our glorious nation is taking a hiatus until the Spring, choosing to burrow underground or go into hibernation. So now is as good a time as any for Barcroft TV to release their 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

I wish I could have gone through and shared every one of these photographs with you bros as an image, but unfortunately 1) I don’t have the rights to all of these images and getting them would likely cost tens of thousands of dollars, and 2) Barcroft TV is very litigious when it comes to their content so I can’t even screenshot this video for images like you’re allowed to with some YouTube videos on the Internet.

According to Barcroft Animals, this year’s contest featured over 2,200 entries from all across the world, and the awards ceremony was held in London last night where winners were announced in five categories.

…(h/t Barcroft Animals)…

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