24 Ways to Celebrate 4/20


Ah 4/20, the one day on the calendar where smoking marijuana is cool and trendy, and not frowned upon as something harmful and counter-intuitive.

It’s a moment where stoners everywhere can unite in harmony and reject all the responsibility the world tries to throw at them; it’s a symbol of a counterculture movement from an earlier era; and it’s a…eh, fuck it, you’re short attention span has already been triggered and you’ve probably skipped past this pretentious introduction.

Anyways, 4/20 falls on Easter this year which is pretty cool because it’s a rare conjoined holiday – like having your birthday on Christmas, and it’s also Sunday so everyone has the day off.

At first we wanted to create a list of 420 ways to celebrate the big day, but we got too lazy. Hopefully these 24 party guides can help take you up to the clouds:

1. Smoke a blunt

How long has it been since you smoked one of these? If your answer is sometime in the last 30 days, then you’re probably a bigger stoner than you give yourself credit for and this was already on the regiment for today so keep reading.

Those of you without a marijuana addiction (just joking, no such thing exists), use this holiday as an excuse to get overly baked, and there’s no better way of doing so then twisting up a blunt and passing it around with some friends.

2. Listen to some Grateful Dead and/or Bob Marley

We are obligated to have this on the list, the stoner gods commanded us.

All classic rock is good stuff to put on throughout the day as well as folk-hippie music like Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel, but Grateful Dead and Bob Marley are the staples to this holiday; like Bing Crosby is to Christmas.

3. Eat whatever the hell you want

Cereal, cookies, Cheetos….go for it all and don’t even second guess yourself. The gym will be there tomorrow to help you burn off whatever calories you want.

4. Turn off your computer

Disconnecting from all electronics is probably a good rule of thumb, but it would be hypocritical if we were to say not to watch TV on 4/20 because that’s what all stoners will be doing. As long as you avoid watching the news, you should be fine. Shutting down your computer will unplug you from useless social media and will guarantee that you are doing nothing work related, like checking your emails in a baked paranoia.

5. Stay in your house all day

Fresh air and sunlight are overrated. It’s mid-April, how nice can it be outside? We love nature and everything but is it worth the risk of seeing a cop or, worse, someone you but would never want to see stoned in a million years – like a professor or a co-worker? We didn’t think so, stay indoors where it’s safe and the light can’t get to you.

6. Inhale at 4:20

This probably should have led off the column, but we were so giddy about rolling up that blunt idea that it got buried. It’s OK though, there’s more to 4/20 than smoking.

With that said, the absolute golden rule is inhaling marijuana smoke when the clock strikes 4:20 p.m. If you want bonus points, then inhale some at 4:20 a.m. too.

7. Make a mess

Making a mess you have no intention of cleaning up is one of the biggest stoner moves a person can make. Whether it’s with food or with laundry, it doesn’t matter: be a slob for today. You’ve earned it.

8. Form a stoner circle

This is a very tribal and communal day where pot must be smoked in a group circle at least once. Isolating yourself isn’t the goal, despite the aforementioned recommendation of staying indoors.

9. Play an old school video games 

We’d recommend N64. Any game should be sufficient for a few hours of mindless gaming.

10. Watch a classic stoner comedy

So many to choose from: Half Baked, Harold and Kumar, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, How High, Friday, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, etc.

We’d recommend the Big Lebowski  if you really want to do it right.

11. Hit the bubbler and/or bong

Don’t make yourself a one-trick pony with just a blunt or a joint. Make sure to spread the wealth and break out the glassware if you’ve got it.

12. Order in all your meals

An absolute must if you’re not celebrating the holiday (Easter) with family. You have the green light to order whatever you want, so go for it. Chinese is the recommendation.

13. Make a prank phone call

When was the last time you did this? More importantly, how much pleasure did it use to bring you? Exactly, mine as well fuck around with the Chinese restaurant a bit before placing that delivery order.

14. Hot box your car

Your car is the sacrificial lamb of this holiday. Leave it out for the wolves to enjoy and don’t think twice about your decision.

15. Sleep as much as you’d like

The beautiful thing about a holiday that promotes smoking weed is the fact you can pass out whenever and not be called out for it. How else can you survive multiple food comas in one day?

16. Bake some cookies

…or brownies. The key is to get any baking done ahead of time, so this should probably be the activity you start the day with and not the blunt.

17. Ignore all phone calls

It’s impossible to keep your phone off for 24 hours in this modern age, but promising that you won’t answer any calls is about as good as you can get to distancing yourself entirely from the outside world and all of its problem.

18. Try out the local planetarium

What a better way to celebrate than looking at the stars and thinking about how far away planets are from our own? If there’s one nearby, a planetarium is a must attend on 4/20.

19. Refer to the weed your smoking as either “reefer” or “grass”

Old-school pot references keep the holiday lively and pay tribute to its founding fathers. Imagine what it would be like to seriously ask someone to pass the grass and they hand you a joint without anyone cracking up and laughing? Simpler times, simpler terminology.

20. Get a non-stoner high

Our personal favorite 4/20 tradition: getting the person who never smokes to join in the group smoke session. There’s nothing quite like a casual smoker partaking just because it’s a holiday.

21. Apply the 4:20 rule throughout the day

Similar to inhaling at 4:20, if you’re watching a game and the play clock hits 4:20, then you take a hit. If you’re out grabbing two slices of pizza and the total is $4.20, then you take a hit. If you’re in class and you’re teacher writes the date on the board – 4/20, then you take a hit. Get the picture?

22. Call in sick from work or skip class

This may seem obvious but most stoners are too passive aggressive to call out a power move and just take the day off. Trust us tokers, everyone in the world “calls in sick” at least once a year. Here’s your opportunity to join the crowd.

23. Read the latest edition of High Times

Seriously though, it’s an underrated magazine.

24. Host an Easter Egg hunt

Although this is a tradition meant for little kids, we feel like searching for randomly-hidden colorful eggs with chocolates and jelly beans inside them is the definition of a stoner activity.