These Are The ’25 Best Jobs In America’ Right Now, And If You Ask Me #6 Through #2 Are A Lot Better Than #1

As they do every year, Glassdoor has released a report on the 25 best jobs in America (right now), and they’ve sent that report on over to Business Insider for analysis. These rankings are based on over all ‘job score’, which is a metric used by Glassdoor to determine the best jobs in ‘Merica at any given time. Here’s how that ‘job score is calculated’:

To compile the ranking, Glassdoor identified 25 specific jobs with the highest overall Glassdoor “Job Score,” which is based on a five-point scale. The job score is determined by equally weighing the average annual base salary shared by US-based employees over the past year, career opportunities ratings shared over the past year, and number of open job listings posted to Glassdoor in a three-month period.

Below is the list of the 25 Best Jobs In America Right Now (from Glassdoor and Business Insider), but if you ask me numbers 6 through 2 are all better than the #1 job in America (right now), which is ‘Physician Assistant’. Being a Physician Assistant, or ‘PA’ as they’re most often called, allows a person to practice medicine in many of the capacities that doctors do, only becoming a PA doesn’t require nearly as much schooling. But being a PA comes with the same burdens of being a doctor: constantly working with sick people in distress, which can be incredibly taxing on one’s life. Contrast that stress with the other professions in the ‘top 25 best jobs’ and you’ll see what I mean about how I’d rather be #’s 6 through 2 instead of a PA.

25. Sales Engineer: Average Salary $91,318
24. Nurse Practitioner: Average Salary $95,171
23. Mobile Developer: Average Salary $79,810
22. Supply Chain Manager: Average Salary $83,795
21. Client Services Manager: Average Salary $103,736
20. IT Project Manager: Average Salary $103,710
19. Physical Therapist: Average Salary $64,806
18. Audit Manager: Average Salary $69,271
17. Civil Engineer: Average Salary $73,383
16. Network Engineer: Average Salary $87,518
15. Electrical Engineer: Average Salary $76,803
14. Business Analyst: Average Salary $74,638
13. Quality Assurance Engineer: Average Salary $77,499
12. Mechanical Engineer: Average Salary $73,015
11. Solutions Architect: Average Salary $121,657
10. Sales Manager: Average Salary $121,657
9. Data Scientist: Average Salary $104,476
8. Product Manager: Average Salary $113,363
7. Database Administrator: Average Salary $97,835
6. Marketing Manager: Average Salary $100,130
5. Finance Manager: Average Salary $122,865
4. Human Resources Manager: Average Salary $96,443
3. Business Development Manager Average Salary: $94,907
2. Software Engineer: Average Salary $98,074
1. Physician Assistant: Average Salary $111,376

See what I mean? Doesn’t six through two all sound better than being a Physician Assistant, who’s still often at the mercy of a doctor for certain procedures and the operating of a practice? I mean, maybe I’m alone in thinking that being a Biz-Dev manager would be 10x better than a PA..but maybe I’m not.

Anyways, to see the why ‘job score’ of each of these positions, what those positions entail, and how many available jobs there are of each right now in America CLICK HERE to head on over to Business Insider!